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We are a company specialized in logistics

Our company

QELITE GLOBAL s a complete and comprehensive logistics solutions company that includes import and export services by land, sea and air. We work as an extension of our clients ensuring their peace of mind through efficient management of their supply chain.

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Become the leader of the industry, recognized for exceptional service, earning the respect of satisfied customers to see us as a strategic extension of your business.




We are focused on exceeding the expectations of our customers, by providing exceptional quality service, optimizing logistics, import and export solutions

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We exist to meet the needs of our customers through proven processes, innovative technology, specialized services and a team of specialists capable of solving the most challenging situations.


Quality is the set of principles, of organized methods of global strategy, which tries to mobilize the entire logistics company, in search of customer satisfaction at the lowest cost, without the quality being reduced at any time. In short, the Logistics Quality is the ability to deliver what is promised, having to first determine that it can be promised.

Being good is no longer enough, you need to look for excellence without respite, to be considered the best, in the race for logistics quality management. In an environment where competition is very strong, the role of human resources is vital, globalization is important, but not much less definitive, the personalization offered by local companies, with business knowledge equal to the large multinationals and also with an accessibility much more marked than these, help to equal the supremacy of the first ones that they have by its structure. I insist, that the quality policy covers all the staff, from the general management, Transport Company, Customs Agent to the last operator, residing his success in the management of human resources.

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